Green Computing and Communications Laboratory
Green Computing and Communications Laboratory
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The NDSU-CIIT Green Computing and Communications Laboratory (GCC Lab) is an initiative to bring together the faculty, staff, and students of the North Dakota State University and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology to conduct research on making computing and communications, energy-efficient.

The GCC Lab currently hosts 10 faculty members and over 35 research students. The laboratory is built with flexible lab spaces for better efficiency in handling both software and hardware solutions. Maintaining performance symmetry among the cores is one of the vital issues researchers.

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Major News and Views

Prof. S. U. Khan and his colleagues receive best paper award at IEEE/ACM GreenCom 2010. (Read the official news release.)

Prof. S. U. Khan and his colleagues develop GreenCloud, a packet level simulator for data centers to measure energy consumption. (Download page.)

Prof. H. Li receives a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a hybrid cross-layer broadcast, cellular, and ad hoc system.

Prof. S. U. Khan receives a grant from US Department of State to develop an ecologically safe hybrid heating and cooling system. (Read the official news.)

Prof. H. Li receives a grant from NASA EPSCoR to develop flexible hybrid radios.

Prof. N. Min-Allah and Prof. S. U. Khan receive a grant from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to develop Cloud Computing Thematic Research and Educational Program for the GCC Lab.

Prof. S. U. Khan and his colleagues receive a major grant from Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg (FNR) to develop energy-efficient resource allocation methodologies in cloud computing. (See project webpage.)

NDSU and CIIT formally sign an agreement (on November 10, 2010) to make special arrangements (tuition discounts, living expenditures) for CIIT students  to pursue PhD degrees at NDSU. As a result of the agreement, we expect up to 30 PhD students to join the GCC Lab in the next 2-3 years. (NDSU Provost Dr. Schnell and CIIT Registrar Dr. Malik were signing the agreement on behalf of their institutions.) (Read the official news.)