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High Performance Computing Facility

Current Setup:
    Cluster Size: 64 nodes
    Cluster Kits used:
        Rocks 3.3
        Oscar 4.0
    Performance Benchmarking Tool: LINPACK
    Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet
Specifications of the Nodes:

        Intel Pentium IV
        P-IV category Prescott (31-stage pipeline).
        Intel P-IV, 3.0 GHz with (HT technology and 1MB L2 cache)
        HT is disabled in CCCRP

        Four memory banks.
        512MB RAM per Node.
        2GB RAM for Server.

    Hard Disk
        For Nodes and Server. (IDE hard disk drive of 40 GB)
        Hard disk being used is 7200 rpm (nicknamed ‘Barracuda’)

        Motherboard With Built-in Components (I.E. AGP, LAN Card Etc) Was A Feasible Option:
        Low Cost
        Increases Density Of Nodes Per Rack
        Easy Addition & Removal Of Nodes
        Easier Troubleshooting and Maintenance.
        Normal Onboard VGA.

    Arrangement of Nodes
        Power supply and Hard Disk
        Stacked together sp that they are treated as single unit
        Installed vertically
        Eight port switch is mounted on each tray
        Connecting six nodes with main switch connected to Server Node